Windows 11 bug slows transfer of large files by up to 40%

An error in Windows 11 could affect computer system performance and reduce file transfer speeds by up to 40%. According to Ned Pyle, one of the directors of Microsoft Windows Server, the failure has been detected 22H2 Version Operating System.

As a result of this problem, Pile has confirmed that Windows 11 computers may have experienced reduced performance when transferring documents. several gigabytes. Users who have faced these inconveniences luckily have a solution.

Pile recommends running the command ‘robocopy’ You ‘xcopy’ with Parameter / J To restore the pre-updated performance of new Microsoft software.

As told by the programmer, lKernel slowdown is high (kernel of the operating system). Also, it is reported that the network protocol for file and printer sharing in Windows is not found error.

The expert elaborated that the problem was assumed to be in the copying of large images, documents and videos. Pyle argued that the performance loss made relocation difficult. 40% slower.

Windows' redesign promises to be fast and easy.

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