Windows has a new trick to prevent phishing attacks and password theft

Microsoft has a new set of features that prevent users from sharing their passwords and not fall into the trap Phishing through scams online Thanks to ‘Microsoft Defender SmartScreen’.

In the latest update to Windows 11, the tech giant adds some tools to protect credentials. a notice that Activated automatically every time the victim types their Windows password on the InternetIn this way, avoid potential dangers.

The second tool detects the moment in which the user Type your password into an app that isn’t encrypted,

both functions not enabled by default Additionally, stakeholders should be aware that this feature does not work if they sign in with Windows Hello or PIN when Windows is updated. To do this, you need to sign in with your Microsoft account and follow the next steps,

  • Click ‘Start’ → ‘Settings’ → ‘Privacy and Security’ → ‘Windows Security’ → ‘Application and Browsing Control’ → ‘Reputation-Based Security Settings’.

The ‘Phishing Protection’ section will have three options:

  • Warn about storing insecure passwords.
  • Warn about password reuse.
  • Warn about malicious apps and sites.

these three checkboxes must be marked In order to improve the security of the operating system, in this way, users will be protected from cyber attacks.

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