With a gentle photo, Lucero congratulates his son Jose Manuel on his birthday

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lucero He uploaded a moving message on his Instagram stories on a gentle image from the past, in which he is seen sitting on the floor, carrying a small luggage Jose ManuelHis firstborn

,happy birthday to this kid who turns 21 today And that every day makes me feel like the proudest mom in the world,” wrote La Novia de America.

Unlike his younger sister, Lucerito MijaresJose Manuel prefers to keep his distance from public life and makes sporadic appearances with his parents. And although he attends Lucero’s concerts and mizareHe does it behind the scenes, taking advantage of the musical engineering knowledge he has.

After Lucero published a photo in April in which his son appears, a good number of his followers indicated that the young man had the potential to become a soap opera heartthrob.

Lucero closed his post like this: “I love you with all my heart, my Jose!”

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