With these words Queen Elizabeth asked Princess Diana and Charles to divorce

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According to have valentineNow author of the famous book “Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown,” the apparently incendiary Season 5 of “The Crown” doesn’t exaggerate the scandals that plagued the royal family in the nineties was.

one of them was the divorce of now king charles And this Princess Diana, Already in trouble that the royal family denied, the trigger for the divorce was the interview with “Panorama”. Less states in an article published by The Times: “Diana kept the Panorama interview a veiled secret, not even telling her colleagues what she was doing. She found Bashir in the trunk of Diana’s car at Kensington Palace. smuggled away.” his butler. When the royal family came to know about it, they could not do anything.”

He added: “The result was an incendiary piece of television that was disastrous for Carlos.A terrible shock to her children and, to Diana, an exercise in self-justification that ultimately did her little good.”

That interview fueled rumors about the couple’s infidelity, and famous phrases also emerged for posterity. After that, the queen simply couldn’t take it anymore.

“Less than a month later, he wrote to Charles and Diana requesting that they divorce as soon as possible. His letter to Diana was signed with ‘Lovely, Mother’.”

Under a divorce settlement reached in July 1996, Diana received a one-year settlement of £17 million and £400,000. Diana lost the title of Her Royal Highness, but it was announced that she would still be considered a member of the Royal Family.

Meanwhile, Camilla was highly unpopular and had to keep a low profile. At friends’ parties, he was forced to use the back door and would hide under a blanket in the back seat of his car when Charles visited her.

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