WWE would have suspended Matt Riddle

Last week on WWE Raw, mat puzzle He was the hero of a striking moment that raised suspicions among fans. After losing the Tag Team Championship, “The Original Bro” Solo took an attack from Sequoia that knocked him out, The fighter was immediately assisted by the medical team, who took him to an ambulance.

As expected, it strikes and bruises An excuse to remove Matt Riddle from programming from wwe. The commentators confirmed that the contestant would be absent until the 2023 Royal Rumble season. Although, Various rumors are coming from some news portals They assure that there is a more serious reason behind this absence.

news portal clarified matt puzzle He was suspended by WWE after failing a drug test., According to this report, the wrestler failed the same control several months ago on his way to SummerSlam, when his match against Seth Rollins was moved to a later show. The news portal said that this situation Future in WWE may be compromised Matt Riddle, who will need to undergo rehabilitation before he can even think about returning to action.

This news has yet to get the attention of the media much closer to WWE backstage. Others, The company has not expressed itself about the suspension, which has happened on a few occasions in the past with other suspensions. We may get more news about it in the next few hours.

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