Xiaomi has an app that lets you watch over 200 television channels for free

Traditional television viewing seems to have gone out of fashion, as little by little, platforms for streaming They are achieving a milestone today.

We have to pay if we want to watch our favorite series or movies, be it Netflix, HBO Max or Disney+; However, we can also use Pluto TV or Tivify (free platforms) to enjoy multimedia content without paying a single euro.

in case you did not know, MiTV+ is a Xiaomi application available on any Smart TV of the companyHowever, it can also be installed on televisions with Android TV or Google TV.

application offers more than 200 channels, it is a free service, includes advertising, collects data from users and is available on the Play Store to install on TVs. In addition, the Xiaomi MiTV+ has a complete guide where all the content grouped by categories is visible.

Most of the channels available are in English (There is some in Spanish), but the offer increases from time to time. It is important to mention that the application Doesn’t display 4K contentYou do not have the possibility to record programs and you do not have the possibility to watch broadcast programs again.

Some channels are: Party Time Karaoke, TG in Spanish, Outdoor Sport Channel +, Beautiful Planet, Euronews Spanish, Africannews, Rotana Cinema, Latido Music, Clubbing TV, Fashion TV, Space Channel, Family Time, Crime and Conspiracy, Cooking Panda and My Zen Fit, among others.

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