Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain: finally a good way for your pet to drink water

Xiaomi It is always adding all kinds of products to its vast ecosystem. No one has noticed those who have reached this last stage of the year Your First Pet Gadget, is one of them Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain, a rotating water fountain that is an interesting solution More to drink for our dearest friend/family member.

At the June event in Paris mainly dedicated to the Smart Band 7, the Chinese company prepared a complete Showroom For media to rediscover aspects of their ecosystem. In Fountain and Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder were on the exhibition (a feed dispenser that will also analyze 20 bits), an indication that they will be marketed in Europe, as was the case in September. Source went on sale for 80 Euros and now costs 65,

Movi, drinking from the Xiaomi Smart Pet fountain
(20 bit)

La Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain va Focused on cats and small or medium dogs. This is a great solution for cats to encourage/encourage them to drink water more often, And it provides a little respite to the owner (well, from the cat’s point of view, more like a roommate) because there’s no way some cats are going to hydrate themselves with a classic drinking bowl, which Remain decorative because for them only stagnant water. Cats often develop kidney problems in their senior stages and one reason for this lies precisely in the little water they drink,

20bits tests the Xiaomi 12T Pro

Xiaomi’s source (showing synergy based on its ecosystem), made by Jiangsu Chenyang Electronics, provides a way out in that regard and It is practical and recommended as well as being quite silent, Presents within good sensibilities Drawback is that it relies on a power cord While I would prefer, if it were technically possible, a battery that would provide hours of autonomy. means to put it into operation another cable hanging around, in this case on the kitchen floor,

in white, which favors a clean appearance, and with a Design that combines simple and perfect with showy, shows that its elements are well thought out, This is manifested, for example, in the non-slip pad on the base, the fact that the cable is resistant to cutting and the fact that when the lid is lifted to add more water or to replace it, the fountain automatically gets disconnected.

Design of Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Design of Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
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Easy to install, its interior is defined by elements such as filter, water tube, pump or pre-filter. Also has a water tank with a capacity of two liters, In regards to water filtering, the brand highlights its intensive nature in four stages. The filter prevents the circulation of hair and impurities, residue and dirt, chlorine and residual odors, and Ca or Mg ions that can cause kidney stones.

The front part sports a window to check the water level, an indicator in this regard (it turns red when there is a lack of water or flashes when the pump is blocked), Function button and mode indicator, Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain in a standard mode (active when left light is on) and smartly (pointer to the right), more recommended. Water comes out of it at an interval of ten minutes, That is, from 8:00 to 22:00, because even breaks at night are not ten minutes, but 50.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain is working
Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain is working
(20 bit)

If the light of the selected mode is white, it means everything is working normally, If a flashing blue appears, it means the source is waiting for a WiFi connection, and if orange appears, the filter needs to be replaced. The WiFi factor indicates that beyond the manual mode it can be managed intelligently exclusively through the Mi Home applicationwhich makes it possible to check the position and receive notice About the need to replace the water or filter.

Tip: Cleaning

One piece of advice: don’t get carried away by laziness or overconfidence. It is convenient to change the water at least every five days, which easily becomes cloudy when constantly circulated, and takes the opportunity to thoroughly clean cover and internal components. There is always small hair or food residue and fungus may appear on the filter tray over the course of days. Similarly, Xiaomi recommends replacing the filter, pre-filter, pre-filter support, and water tube from time to time.

Movi 'poses' next to Xiaomi's water fountain
Movi ‘poses’ next to Xiaomi’s water fountain
(20 bit)

20Bits Score: 7.5/10

  • Best of all: Its well-thought-out elements and the solution it represents
    Worst: Its reliance on cable

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