Xiaomi teaches its humanoid robot to play the drums

Can you imagine a music group composed entirely of robots? Although technology is increasingly present in music, you may never have considered it. However, it looks like Xiaomi developers want to get closer to that idea and have turned their recently introduced CyberOne humanoid robot into a drummer.

In a YouTube video they show off the CyberOne’s musical capabilities, thanks to a midi collection, you can analyze the drum rhythm. The result still isn’t quite what a professional drummer could do with a set of percussion instruments, but it’s not bad for a start in the music world.

Xue Ren, a senior hardware engineer in Xiaomi’s robotics lab, told IEEE Spectrum that their goal goes beyond music. Experts Explain What They’re Working “For” replace human labor with humanoid robotsAlthough there is still a long way to go.

With the Cybervan they wanted to try to teach him to drum to show that his androids might have “greater advantages in rhythmic control and coordinated hand-foot movements” than novice drummers. Xiaomi engineers had to be hired for this sequence for each arm and leg and “Generate collision-free whole-body trajectories continuously within hardware limits.”


Xiaomi may improve the full body movements so that they are faster, more accurate and more comprehensive for the next generation. Thanks to the research they’ve been doing with the first CyberOne and the battery, engineers will be able to simplify this for future versions Learn to play other musical instruments faster.

Ren explains that he is working for the second generation greater capacity for conduction and manipulation, To do this, the Asian brand team will have to make changes to both hardware and software.

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