Xiaomi turns 5 in Spain and sweeps among users: it is already the second brand that sells the most mobiles

Xiaomi celebrates its fifth anniversary in Spain, In five years the brand has managed to establish itself as one of the leading technology companies in our country.

“In Xiaomi Spain for 5 years we advocate this Always offer the most innovative products to all our consumersWith the best technology and at an honest price, thus making them a part of your daily life and making your day to day life easier”, says Borja Gómez-Carrillo, Country Manager, Xiaomi Iberia.

Since its inception, Xiaomi Spain “has chosen Engage the Best Professionals To help them remain the reference brand in the technology market and to make all the company’s processes, activities and operations more professional”, he associates with the company.

thus, Its growth in employability has been exponential, from having only 20 employees in 2018 to reach 108 employees in 2022., “I am proud to have a team of great professionals who believe in the brand, while fighting every day Xiaomi Leading technology company,” says Gomez-Carrillo.

A clear example of this commitment to the brand comes from Xavier Quintana, Chief Account Manager of Media Market in Xiaomi Spain, who has been with the company for 4 years: “On a commercial level, one of the best memories is the first time we sold in Spain managed to be number one in the units passed and the last black Friday when we were number one in the unitsSince I felt part of it”, he says.

Too, From Xiaomi they want to provide their users their own place where they can buy their products, So, between 2017 and 2019 they opened in spain 36 Xiaomi Stores, the brand’s own stores, and to date, they already have 54 stores in 32 Spanish provinces. Its main challenge for the coming years is to “maintain sales leadership in Spain and remain committed to leading the segment”. premium”, as said by Gomez-Carrillo.

Its financial growth has also been highly recognized in the Spanish market. In January 2018, Xiaomi Spain already had 10% of the market, doubling its weight in 2019 and stagnant with 30% share in 2022This type is leading the Spanish market for SmartphonesAnd in the last decade it has established itself as the first manufacturers to receive this data.

At the European level, Xiaomi Spain ranks first in sales volume Thanks to it reaching a high level and its results in some launches, such as the recent Xiaomi 12T series. From Xiaomi they constantly analyze where they are as a brand, to understand what Spanish consumers expect and what they value in their innovation.

Product Commitment: From Smartphones to Ecosystem

Xiaomi Spain has been a leader in the mobile phone market over the past five years With the launch of the best products across its range: redmirummy note, dash and Xiaomi. Incorporating great improvements and innovations like 200 megapixel cameras or 120W fast charging, they have managed to manage themselves better in this segment. Smartphones more than 800 euros, thus seeking higher prices and obtaining a position premium and aspiring.

Its best selling product in 2019 was Redmi Note 7. WereThe first to include 48 MP, Mi 9 series and Mi Note 10 as best sellers Which was the world’s first 108 megapixels. They were followed by great devices across all categories, at the entry level through the Poco brand and in the upper segment, where this year, the company has clearly chosen this segment. premium With the launch of the Xiaomi 12T series, which includes the Xiaomi 12T Pro with a 200-megapixel camera.

But their strategy, he says, “has not only been to maintain and mature as a leading manufacturer in the field” SmartphonesBut also to promote the innovation and technology of the brand. To this end, “they continue to bet on connected ecosystem categories, manage to gradually incorporate more products and follow an omnichannel strategy” that includes various products such as air fryer, ScooterPurifiers and – the new category in which they were introduced last year – Pet Products,

There is some really cool data in this connected ecosystem: being number one Scooter In Spain, a product that managed to change the concept of mobility and accounted for more than 60% of the market in our country, this year sold 300,000 units; Establishing itself as the third brand in Spain by offering the best-selling Robot Vacuum Cleaner in its category and in the Television market.

For all these reasons, “Xiaomi has managed to establish itself as a leading technology brand in the minds of consumers,” they conclude.

future, a challenge

Looking at the next few years, Xiaomi “Will continue to bet strongly on innovationIn search of new categories that allow to provide efficient and quality solutions to its users, such as electric vehicles and smart home locks”.

Gomez-Carrillo confirms: “We wish that consumers, thanks to our products, can enjoy a continuously connected world 24 hours a day: Since they wake up with the alarm of the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro; Charge your Xiaomi 12 Series; Prepare a smoothie for breakfast in our Xiaomi Smart Blender and then watch the news on Xiaomi TV P1; Control the feeding of animals through the Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder and Fountain; Close the house with Xiaomi Door Bell 3; Go to work on our Xiaomi Electric Scooter and control everything from the Xiaomi Home application”.

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