Yalitza Aparicio released HBO Max. Wearing a stunning silver dress in the production of

yalitza aparicio She has established herself as one of the most beloved and important Mexican actresses in the country and after her time in “Roma”, the film with which she achieved worldwide fame and even the best Nominations for the Oscar in the category of actress also, she has started. To star in all kinds of film projects, including a special participation in hbo max production Which was appreciated by the audience.

this weekend yalitza aparicio She recalled this pivotal moment in her career as an actress through a story on her Instagram account, where she is portrayed as “La Luna”, a character from the second season. “The Spookies”, One of HBO Max’s greatest hits. For the occasion, the famous 28-year-old was shining like never before See plus brilliant and shiny which he has achieved in recent years.

Well, look stands for one splendid silver dress Which is illuminated not only because of the tonality, but also because of the brilliance woven into every centimeter, as well as the furnishings in which it is impossible not to notice a crown, which is shaped like an Egyptian by taking the crystal from the forehead to the middle. fixes it. of the back, thus imitating naturally falling hair; While there is an updo at the back which gives all prominence to this accessory and at the same time frames the face of the actress.

Do you remember him in his character from “The Moon”? (Photo: IG @murielparradiaz)

in this production yalitza aparicio surprised leaving only his hands and face in sight, as the rest of his body is covered by a silver cloth With which he acquires that futuristic image of Luc and who accompanies the protagonist of “Los Espuques” on his adventure through Mexico City. Of course, the design of dress It had to be awesome and Famous didn’t hesitate to miss it out this weekend.

Well, he shared a post in which part of the recording is seen in which he finds a . is seen with fitted dress With a high neckline and long sleeves, which also included a slightly loose skirt and a long tail full of glitter, which the makers of the series did not hesitate to show, made it out of the chair in which the actress is sitting.

With this publication, fans of the series HBO Max And the actress did not hesitate admire the famous With comments like “Queen, Yali” and “Glad to see Yalitza Aparicio again”.

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