Yalitza Aparicio surprises in video posing as Harley Quinn

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a yalitza aparicio He loves to play with filters on social networks, he has also become a fan of posting videos on TikTok showing off his acting skills. This time is a surprise Harley QuinnThe villains of DC Comics, in a clip published on their social networks.

The actress of the film “Roma” is very active in her accounts and is very close to her fans who love her and support her every step of the way. She showed off her funniest side with a video featuring her as Margot Robbie’s character in “Suicide Squad” And an audio with your voice.

It quickly became a trend as she did almost perfect lip sync. His followers commented on the very affectionate texts, assuring him that he had done very well. “What do they say, kill everybody and run away? Sorry, voices. Kidding. They didn’t say that!”That was the audio that Yalitza Aparicio used only using the hashtag #lasvoces and the emoji sticking out his tongue.

The video has already garnered over 25 thousand likes, nearly 700 comments and many loving messages from his followers.

“I like this”.

“Very beautiful, hail.”

“It’s beautiful to see the evolution of this proud Mexican woman.”

These are some of the comments that the actress got in her video playing Harley Quinn published on her official TikTok account.

Watch the video of Yalitza Aparicio as Harley Quinn

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