Yanet Garcia nets her feet with soft white lingerie and transparencies

Although yanet garcia He distanced himself from the limelight with his sweeping beauty And the talent in front of the cameras keeps her in the hearts of her fans, who don’t hesitate to flood her with compliments via their social networks for the photos with which she flaunts her bust along with her face. delicate lingerie Little bikini.

Driver, 31 Yearsbegan his career on television as part of a program in his native Monterrey and from the first minute he gained attention for his empathy, something that, along with his talent, opened doors to larger projects such as morning “today” Where he shared the camera with Galilea Montijo and Andrea Lagaretta.

Yanet Garcia with white lingerie. Photo: IG @iamyanetgarcia

It was at this program where he came to be recognized by the public as “weather girl”Well, he gave his own unique touch of sensuality to the presentation of the weather report with short outfits, for which fans went crazy on social networks.

As is the case with some of her photos on Instagram, such as the most recent one in which she poses with a soft set of white lingerie and small embroidered details on the upper back and waist where she is accompanied by a light Has exposed his stomach of steel as a result of a strict exercise routine and healthy eating.

White Lingerie by Yanet Garcia

This is not the first time the driver has been seen together white lingerieBecause on another occasion she posed with a tight body she added a fun touch with bright colors Little Flowers Roses that adorn it all and cover parts of its impressive figure.

Although fans have questioned him on more than one occasion about the secret to achieving a physique like him, Garcia assures that everything is in order. exercise and take care of the food being eaten with the hands of an expert and experts, because he has a Certification as a Health Coach,

White lingerie with pink flowers by Yanet Garcia. Photo: IG @iamyanetgarcia

one of the teams that managed to win more than 14 million followers On Instagram, it’s a two-piece with small flowers and lines that outline her figure. In addition, it gives a romantic touch with some wing out of self waist,

During a dynamic in his social networks, Yanet Garcia was questioned about cosmetic surgery Which he has gone through and has surprised his followers by making sure that only the bust size has increased: “Everything else is 100 percent natural.Me, I’ve never done anything for myself.”

Yanet Garcia posing in white lingerie with wings. Photo: IG @iamyanetgarcia

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