Yolanda Andrade Recalls When She Was Taking Drugs With Julio César Chavez: “We Lasted Longer”

yolanda andrade In an interview with Isabel Lascurain, he revealed the alcohol and cocaine parties with Mexican boxing legend Julio César Chavez.

The actress and host elaborated on the lockdown with the boxer for crying, drinking, taking drugs and listening to music.

“We’d lock ourselves in the bathroom and we’d stay there for a long time. We’d get up over and over again, with a tape recorder and we’d listen mizare (Song) ‘Uno entre mil’, how did I put it! Until the record was scratched.

“We cried and talked about what alcoholics talk about, same thing. It was a sad thing we both probably had, but the only joy was that we both had a drinking bathroom with a recorder. I was locked in.”

He also told an anecdote who lived with him and the world famous Madonna, a singer Chavezo refused to know.

“I totally remember that Madonna went to greet her and said to me: ‘No, I don’t want to meet that old lady because she appears in some nude photos.’ Him: ‘No, my partner El Coke is coming!'”.

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The sons of the saint, Yolanda Andrade and Julio Cesar Chavezzo

Yolanda Andrade Ann Montsay Joe

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