Yordi recalled a request he made to his mother: “I told her not to appear before me when she died”.

  • Every Sunday another chapter of ‘The Interview With Yordy’ is released on YouTube.
  • The driver’s mother died of pulmonary emphysema.
  • Similarly, he revealed the promises made to his mother in the last days of his life.

In the most recent broadcast of ‘The Interview with Yordi’, the host decided to change the dynamics of the program and switch seats with Adela Mika, on this occasion she chose to be the interviewer.

The talk turned very honest and revealing in which Rosado revealed the details of his mother’s death, who unfortunately lost her life due to pulmonary emphysema triggered by her love for cigarettes.

She also revealed that watching him go through his illness was a very difficult process, as he watched her suffer in the middle of the night: “What she didn’t tell me, my master, is that I can’t breathe because of her pulmonary emphysema.”

In addition, the author admitted that for a long time he felt an aversion to cigarettes, until he realized that this was already something that his mother needed in order to survive:

“I struggled with cigarettes for a long time, I was very angry until a doctor told me she was never going to quit; her body needed nicotine too much,” she said.

In the same way, it was thanks to the doctor that the YouTuber decided to let him enjoy smoking in the last days of his life: “Better let her enjoy her last days, no matter how much you want her, she can’t prevent her death, the doctor told me.”

In the last moments of his life Yordi made a promise with his mother that benefited them both, for his part he would not turn off the light in his room, as he was afraid of drowning and that he would never visit her after her death. will go:

“We made a promise to each other: he told me ‘Promise me you’ll never turn off the lights here because it scares me and because it drowns me’. I asked him if he would be there for my life when he died.” I will not come in front of me. , and I have never seen her with him even in my dreams. We both have complied,” he said.

Yordi is a Mexican host, producer and writer.

He confirmed that to this day that promise is still valid.

Similarly, he said that it was his father who informed him about his mother’s death over phone.

When his mother died, his father continued his problems with alcohol and some time later received a phone call telling him that his father was talking to himself in a strange way: “He’s behaving weird, he’s acting really weird, talking like he’s lonely.”

Rosado was born on 16 October 1971.

After a conversation with his father, he realized that he was hallucinating, so they immediately decided to take him to specialists, where they explained to him that he had lost a large portion of his neurons due to drinking. : “Neurons no longer communicate, they are already dead, there are no more synapses.”

After being taken to various clinics, seeing the seriousness of the case, they recommended her to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. After a period he left the psychiatric hospital and was never again:

“He lived 10 years, we made up for lost time, I got my father back. He died 6 months after our visit, he died in his happy bed,” she concluded.

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