Yordi Rosado and Faisundo star in an intense fight in the middle of the program: “Our friendship doesn’t matter to me”.

Although yordi rosado Known for his friendliness and calmness in front of the cameras, this time he brought out his worst side during a game. Facundo which used to warm the spirits and began to fly momentarily Insult until they came Hits,

Facundo took part in the program “At Night” led by Yordi Rosado as a special guest, although everything was going well. increased tension after the game “Hot Hands” It began as an innocent entertainment, but immediately the tone of insult and annoyance intensified, leading to Ego fight.

“Between the joke and the joke, the truth comes out”, something he applied this time to the drivers who were at their best during the dynamic. competitive and they argued who has best program. Facundo accused the production in favor of Yordi Rosado in the result, to whom he proposed a rematch, albeit now on his own time.

,Our friendship doesn’t matter to me.”Yordi Rosado annoyed that he was playing, and his camera partner quickly replied: “Our friendship will be fine, rating will last foreverWith this a heated debate started about who has more of the two. Popularity,

The rivalry between Yordi Rosado and Faisundo?

In the past, Yordi Rosado admitted on his YouTube channel youtube who had a strong rivalry for some time Facundo And although he now assured that it was left behind, everything indicates that the outrage is still in force and he demonstrated it during a simple game.

“It’s that the ratings are really going to be where I’m going to be (…) I’m sure you need it more than I do”, Rosado said when admitting the rematch on Facundo’s show, amid the uproar and production, which fueled annoyance by mocking the lawsuit.

“My program is called ‘Which one is good’, so, When we have ‘Which is the scoundrel, the deceiver or the curse?’‘I invite you over there, not now'” is how Facundo defends himself until he becomes even more furious when the driver reminds him of the problems that his characters like Jaime Duende have caused him. Had brought up with his daughters: “Do you remember everything you did to Duende? Do you remember all the women you hurt?

Yordi Rosado and Facudno argue in the middle of the program. Photo: IG @yordirosadooficial

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