You can get a PS5 this Christmas: Sony increases supply of its console by 400%

Supply crunch continues to be a major challenge for manufacturers and Buying a PlayStation 5 is still complicated. Sony has not managed to produce enough consoles to meet the demand and many have ended up opting for other options such as the Xbox Series XS.

According to David Gibson, senior analyst at MST Financial, the company shipped approximately 7.5 million kilograms of consoles to the United States in September 2022. This multiplies the output of the PS5. up to 400%It had increased by 1.5 million kilograms from last year around the same date.

With these figures, many believe that the brand preparing for christmas campaign, so that consumers can finally get their long-awaited console. The data obtained from Gibson refers to the Sony market in the North American country, but it is assumed that the PS5 is being shipped in stores as normal.

Apart from Sony’s PlayStation 5, Gibson has talked about exports from other companies in the sector. For example, the transportation of Xbox is up 89%With 5 million kg more in September 2022 Nintendo has a 59% reduction On the same date, with 1.5 million kilograms.

It costs around 355 euros.

It should be noted that Sony announced a price increase of about 50 euros for its console and a “significant improvement” in its effectiveness, which we already talked about in 20BITS. This increase in production is still marred by the chip crisis, which resulted in Epidemic and continue through War between Ukraine and RussiaThe Shortage of skilled workers in TaiwanLassi dried and many other factors.

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