“You Have a Payment Pending”: The New Sextortion Scam That Comes From Your Own Email Address

The Office for Internet User Protection (OSI) has detected a sextortion campaign that uses technology mail spoofing, Cyber ​​criminals spoof a sender’s private domain email address to trick victims and make them believe that they have managed to install a trojan on their devices,

Victims are instigated through extortion Pay amount to bitcoin wallet accountIn exchange for the scammer not posting intimate or private information.

with E-mailThe scammer explains to the victim that, after purchasing credentials from an alleged hackerhas obtained your data to access devices and infected them with spyware you own gathered information and recorded intimate videos,

After explaining the situation, he demands that a pay in Bitcoin To wallet account within 48 hours Under threat of publishing the material, however, the urgency prevents the user from analyzing the situation, therefore, it causes the payment to be made as soon as possible.

body of E-mail Too Contains the signals and data needed to transfer of the money requested, in addition to noting what actions you should not take, such as calling the police or asking for help. On the other hand, the cyber criminal assures the victim that, If you pay, you won’t expose private content And it will remove spyware.

Fraud email.
Fraud email.

The vulnerability was patched.

Are you in a trap? follow these steps

  • If you have received the email, please delete it from your inbox and mark it spam,
  • If You Paid a Cyber ​​Criminal, You Must gather all the evidence To contact the State Security Forces and Corps (FCSE) and file a complaint,
  • It blocks all possible communication with the cyber criminal.
  • Go ‘egosurfing’ to see if any information or intimate videos come up.

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