You need a password manager to protect yourself from cyber bad guys – here are some of the best

Password managers are programs that remember credentials and protect them under a master password. can be free or paid depending on the services provided.

The most commonly used web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari integrate the basic functionality of a password manager, but users who are interested in a higher level of security and additional features may want to use these defense mechanisms by brute force. Can buy against attacks.

In particular, the password manager Provide the following services,

  • They store passwords and documents.
  • They encrypt files so that they cannot be accessed.
  • They check whether the credentials have been leaked or not.
  • Emergency access is provided to trusted contacts.
  • They suggest to create a password.

Steps to use Manager

  • Download Manager to computer.
  • Create an account and set a master password.
  • If you have saved passwords in a browser, there is a possibility to activate the option to import or export credentials.
  • In the case of using the manager on a mobile or tablet, the relevant application will need to be installed on the device.

It is recommended to disable microphone permissions to prevent crime.

best password manager

  • Dashlane: Creates strong passwords, stores them securely and has a free version that allows you to store up to 50 credentials.
  • keeper: Aimed at businesses but also works on a personal level and offers a limited free plan.
  • last pass: It is designed to protect, store and fill in your login information automatically. In addition, it has a fairly complete free version.
  • RoboForm: It makes it easy for you to log in with a single click (no matter what website you’re browsing), automatically captures and stores passwords, and comes with a free plan.

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