Your kids will be able to play fortnite, fall guy and rocket league in a controlled manner with this new function

Epic Games is developing a new account model for young players that parental consent will be required before they can be bought in stores online Or use voice chat.

cabinet accounts will provide a Personalised, safe and inclusive experience For users, in addition, the company indicates in its blog that “we believe that creating an enriched experience within a single game or product in general is the best way to enable young players to participate meaningfully without compromising on safety or privacy.” The best way to empower”.

This initiative will begin rolling out to Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys, but, How does this work? All users will be asked to provide their date of birth upon login, and if one indicates they are under the age of thirteen, their account will be a Cabinet Account. Epic Games will request a parent or guardian’s email address To ratify consent.

While waiting for such approval, players will be able to play Fortnite, Rocket League, or Fall Guys with full access to previously purchased or earned in-game content, but in an environment where features such as chat and purchases Some features are disabled.

Others, Adults will receive an email informing them about the minor’s accountbut following the link indicated in E-mailParents can review privacy practices, consent to additional features, set parental controls, and will be asked to verify they are an adult through web services for children Super awesome,

“Once a player receives parental consent, he or she will no longer have an authorized account and your experience Will respect parental control settings preferred by their parents or guardians,” says Epic Games.

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