Your photos may end up on another PC: iCloud users are receiving images from people they don’t know.

The phone numbers of millions of users were published in a piracy forum called BreachForums as a result of a filtration of the WhatsApp database. In total, the affected were almost 500 million, of which about 11 million were Spanish. However, this is not the only problem that has caused the data of other users to be displayed on web sites without their consent.

Days before in the case of WhatsApp, a failure occurred in the iCloud for Windows Some users have seen images and videos of unknown people in his albums. The company had recently announced an update to the Microsoft Store that aimed to improve the connection of the Windows 11 Photos platform with other cloud storage services, such as those of Apple.

After the application of this novelty, several iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro users have reported errors while syncing their multimedia content. According to comments on the MacRumors forums, only the videos saved on Apple mobiles are shown. a black screen with white lines To install al verse desde Windows.

In addition, other users were alerted that they were accessing videos and photos of unknowns through their albums. “Occasionally, iCloud for Windows inserts images shot in videos from unknown sources, possibly iCloud accounts of other users –pointed to an internet-. He has seen photos of other people’s families that he has not seen in my life,

In Spain, the police action would be limited to the judicial authorization.

Despite the user’s statement in the MacRumors forum, do not know if the images are from other iCloud users or if they are random. The only one who knows that Those affected are Windows 10 and 11 users.

As this situation of iCloud for Windows and the case of the filtered data of WhatsApp show, even though companies promote privacy, some failures can cause others to have access to our data. Therefore, we have to take special care with the photos that are submitted to the cloud. If the content is very personal or confidential, it is better to store it. on hard drives or pen-drives.

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