Youth lost flight for being photographed with ‘Adam Levin Fake’; it was miguel layun

There is always a chance of meeting a celebrity at airports. some of the maidens saw who they thought adam levinesinger and leader maroon v, Because of this action, he missed his flight and it was not actually the musician, but Miguel Leun.

I told a story TIC Toc, The girl told that they were in the bus terminal Guadalajara And her friends encouraged her to take a photo with a celebrity.

They didn’t know who it was, but they didn’t want to let go of the personality postcard. The boyfriend of the TikTok user just revealed that he is miguel layunTo the sadness of the group of friends.

,Isn’t that Adam Levine?”, reads the screenshot of the conversation with his partner. “That’s why we were last in line to get on the plane and I missed my flight because of one fake adam levine,

Miguel León at Club America

“I’m so sorry I’m not adam levinereplied miguel layun in the video. The content creator replied, “But you better be, what a pleasure to participate in and then learn your full story.”

vocalist of the group Maroon V

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he took the confusion gracefully

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