YouTube annoys users with its latest maneuver: Only premium accounts will be able to watch 4K videos

youtube wants me Your premium users only One can enjoy the platform’s videos in 4K resolution (2160p/3840 x 2160 pixels). Several internet users have shared on the Reddit forum how the application is restricting the display of posts in that quality in its iOS version.

Those who choose not to pay for YouTube’s paid service will have to settle for a lower resolution: 2K (1440p/2048 x 1440 pixels). This potential decision from Google Platforms isn’t good news for even the most frantic with audiovisual quality.

For now, the function is in testing phase And it’s only affecting some users with iOS devices. Therefore, the rest of the mobile and browser versions of YouTube can continue to enjoy 4K in their videos.

Specifically, the app displays a message that says ‘2160p Premium – Tap to upgrade’. With this notification, YouTube invites Internet users to subscribe to its paid service in exchange for being able to view its highest quality content.

in stage streaming They haven’t spoken about this alleged new feature yet, so it’s not known whether the decision to return to paid 4K is final or if it’s being tested.

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YouTube Premium launched In 2019, Although it already had predecessors like Music Key (2014) and YouTube Red (2015). Since this latest appointment, the company has focused more on trying to successfully win over customers (but not as much as on people using the app).

In 2021, Google revealed that YouTube Premium I ate 51 million subscribers Compared to over 2,000 million monthly users in total. The company wants to persuade Internet users to pay for its services through special features and 4K could become one of them.

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