YouTube will let you add up to a minute of copyrighted music to your ‘shorts’

Content creators using YouTube ‘Shorts’ will be able to Use copyrighted music for up to one minuteincreasing the limit from the 15 seconds that was initially allowed for licensed songs.

This means that those interested can access between 30 and 60 seconds of music. copyrightEven then, Not all songs will be included in the above increase (Due to licensing agreements some will remain at the old range).

The creators may have additionally given information in the audio selector of the application, Selecting an audio track from the library will directly display the duration time,

innovation to be introduced in the coming weeks To surpass the popularity of the famous ‘Reels’ on TikTok or Instagram on Android and iOS.

another, YouTube is testing ‘Creator Music’ program in the United States in beta phaseWhere users will be able to use copyrighted music in their long format videos, thus sharing the benefits between the channel owner and the author.

Currently, there are two options in Creator Music. first one is payment options Which allows the copyrighted music to be used for a fee, thus the revenue goes to the creator. But on the other hand, is free choice in which the income is distributed.

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