Youtuber explains why forced inclusion is not allowed in cinema

  • youtuber Known as Go! Geek Monitor shared a series of videos showing why “forced inclusion” doesn’t exist.

  • This vision is completely in contrast to that depicted by some of the other famous characters on stage, such as Dross.

  • Through the history of comics, the user shares reflective analysis of events of social impact.

Fight against discrimination against racial people This has been a fairly recurring theme in recent years. This is because, according to the most conservative discourse on the Internet, entertainment politics has been in charge of fulfilling an inclusion agenda for years.

However, most progressive discourses state that representation and visibility of these areas is essential, because throughout the entertainment tradition, there have been places for “white heterosexual hegemony”. Many brands and consultants have participated in this fair for respect and inclusion, who have tried to raise awareness about the hatred that exists in the world towards different communities and ethnic groups.

Similarly, the work behind the eradication of hatred of any minority has been extensive, and Increase in acts of inclusion This has been observed, for example, in the screen time in the cinema of people belonging to certain marginalized groups. as well as adding new places so that more and more people like Harvey MilkPreviously openly gay politicians could hold public office without fear of hatred or reprisal.

The graph shows the percentage of the most discriminated group of people in Latin America by country.

people with the most discrimination

This image clearly shows a database that shows how many groups are discriminated against in Latin America. In fact, it may reflect that progress has been made in recent years with respect to Afro-descendant populations, with the exception of countries such as Brazil, Uruguay and Panama, where great strides have been made towards true inclusion.

Youtuber Explains why there is no such thing as forced inclusion in cinema

via YouTube channel. is referred to as “Go! l Monitor Geek”, a content creator has shared in a series of videos related to the topic of forced inclusion in cinema and entertainment. In a recent video, he shows how the subject has been seen throughout the comic and the way it has been approached by the writers.

In his most recent video he talks about the representation of the characters of Miles Morales and Black Panther And how the same phenomenon is included in its creation, expressed in a different way. Both characters were born out of the inspiration for the inclusion, however, a criticism by the content creators is that many users who criticize the inclusion but defend the motivation of these two characters to “come from the comic” The new demerits do not show sufficient reasoning. Offers, such as the latest The Little Mermaid movie.

Ok, youtuber recognized in the community geek To present videos with thoughtful backgrounds, always focused on pop culture, from philosophical and social issues to political issues.

This is the video the user shared:

Finally, users point out that forced inclusion in cinema is understood under this terminology because people often do not understand how the ideologies of racism and supremacism have affected the entertainment tradition over the years.

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