Yuri cries when he remembers that he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor

yuri She remembered, through tears, how she knew she had a cancerous tumor in the intestine, which was discovered by chance during an operation gall bladder, In a press conference, Famous offered details of the surgical procedure that saved her life in 2021 and where Contract,

“I was like a desert where I felt like dying, they found that a cancer tumor in the intestine When my appendix was removed, and God saved me because it was encapsulated,” he said. yuri,

problems of yuri date two years ago, when he confirmed that his Gallbladder was working 30% And it no longer served him. Even then, could not intervene at that time because he was infected with COVID-19, a disease that left him with dysautonomia-like consequences You alopecia, The singer was, finally, driven until 2021, when the expert found cancerous tumor in regular checkups.

“The doctor had the idea to pass a small camera through all my organs and when he got to the intestine, he found a one centimeter ball and so he took it out at that very moment, it was an aggressive cancer, but it was encapsulated “


As she wiped her tears, yuri She said that after passing through that moment, she told herself that she had come to this world not only to “entertain people”.

Yuri still has dysautonomia

The singer of songs like “Maldita Primavera” and “Behind My Window” also shared other health issues she still hasn’t overcome, including dysautonomyWhich occurs when there is a malfunction in the autonomic nervous system.

“It’s a super strong disease, not everyone knows how to live with it, I wasn’t very happy; when you’re sick and you get sick and you get sick, you get fed up and Most of all, it was terrifying to see my daughter worry about the worries and panic attacks that, being in bed, I’m not like.


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