Zooey Deschanel, Resurrected on New Merryfield App

When actress and singer Zooey Deschanel was pregnant, she took “food for two” seriously.

“I was trying to eat really healthy because I felt like a huge responsibility being pregnant. I was like, ‘Oh my god, this food I’m eating is like passing on a baby.’ I’m like, ‘What am I going to do?’ So, I was trying to eat healthier. I started looking at what I was eating and I found that information was hard to find,” Deschanel told “CBS Mornings.”

During this time she found that getting healthy and nutritious groceries was difficult and expensive. This inspired him to start a company called “Lettuce Grow” in 2019, which helps provide hydroponic growing systems for people to grow indoor gardens.

Deschanel said that after making Lettuce Grow, she felt she could take it a step further and help with other aspects of healthy eating. So, he created the Merrifield app, which aims to make healthier options less expensive for everyone, regardless of their social status.

Maryfield “has been an amazing experience because we have so many people who reach out to us and say it’s the difference between me being able to afford this healthy meal for my kids, for my family, And can’t afford it,” Deschanel said. ,

Through Merryfield, shoppers scan their grocery store receipts after purchase. They then receive rewards for purchasing items from dozens of Maryfield’s partner brands that the company has tailored to their standards and deemed better for you.

The Merryfield app is free for all users – buyers only get rewards for using it.

“You have a week to scan the receipt and then it does all the work for you and you get points,” she said. “I like to simplify healthy eating. It really helps to make it fun and then, it helps to make it more accessible to people.”

Deschanel’s venture into the health world is quite different from her successful career as an actress. He famously played the role of Jess in the television series “New Girl”. The show stopped airing in 2018, but it’s found a new audience since it was ported to streaming platforms like Netflix—something Deschanel said it’s great to watch.

“It’s been really awesome, a lot of people think it’s still up in the air and I think ‘No, we stopped shooting five years ago.’ It has had a resurgence and it is good to see that it has longevity and staying power,” she said.

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