Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Failed: Half of Users Haven’t Been Reached Yet

Wall Street Journal info Horizon Worlds Performance does not meet expectations Inner set by meta. Media outlets accessed the company’s internal documents indicate they want to achieve half a million monthly active users before the end of the year.

The newspaper indicates that at present Do not reach 200,000 registered individuals, that is, half of the forecast. Another important fact is that they are reducing the number of users due to some of the actions that can be taken from the metaverse or lack of company.

Meta also has trouble convincing its users to continue using the platform on an ongoing basis, as data indicates that registrants don’t log back in,

The document shows that only 9% of the available locations have 50 users, similarly, some experiences have never been seen. On the other hand, The Verge reports that Horizon World suffers from serious performance problems,

There is a possibility that the main enemy of the Metaverse is Liability for needing glasses virtual realityl However, internal reports indicate that half the equipment is out of use after six months.

To address this situation, The Wall Street Journal states that Meta may launch a version for computer and mobile, Initially, the idea should be smooth by the end of the year, although in the media the entity indicated that no date set yet,

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